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Who We Are
How SolarFos Energy is Changing the World

Solarfos was formed after researching the lack of electricity available to citizens in various African countries . No citizen should have to stay without electricity in this 21st century, so we have come up with the integration of new affordable technology which customers can use to generate their own electricity and in turn enjoy the benefits which the natural earth has to offer. The new SolarFos Battery comes with an integrated inverter

Typical System Layout

The image below details how the SolarFos Battery integrates with a home solar power system.

  • Solar panels convert sunlight to DC (Direct Current) electricity.
  • The solar inverter converts the DC electricity to AC (Alternating Current) and supplies power to appliances in the home.
  • SolarFos Battery can supply AC electricity directly to the home.
  • If the SolarFos Battery is fully charged and the electricity needs of the household are being met, any surplus power generated by the solar panel system is exported to neighbouring houses to supply them and charge for electricity.
Battery Benefits
Benefits of a SolarFos Battery

The range of prices for the Solarfos home battery consist of back up applications 5.12KWH $5,000 – Not including installation, however to broaden the range of power which can be supplied. Solarfos Gigawatt power station can power a small city with enough electricity for every house hold and business which generates 100kWh and will sell for over £80,000, while 160million Solarfos Batteries could power the whole of Nigeria. Our vision is to push this project with a potential to roll out and provide electricity for the whole of Africa, saving governments considerable costs by harnessing the power of the sun combined with the latest solar technology. The power pack is a cabinet and rack system which can be expanded by filling the racks with additional 100kWh capacity units up to 500Kwh, while multiple units can be connected to increase the capacity for ten megawatts hour.

How Much
Will Solar Installation Save Me

Most developing countries that lack electricity depend heavily on generators to run household appliances. This method is noisy, emits pollution damaging the earth which has direct implications to the human body. Our modern installation combined with cutting edge technology used to harness energy from the sun with high specification solar panels. At SolarFos we aim to save our customers money which would have been spent on maintaining and fuelling their generators also increase quality of living. This will enable and guarantee a consistent electricity supply.

Quality Control and Safety

The system has been developed by SolarFos Ltd. Every system undergoes extensive testing and inspection by the manufacturer to provide the best quality for customer satisfaction.

Lowest lifetime cost per kWh

A premium product at an affordable price, SolarFos battery offers great value for money, giving one of the lowest "lifetime cost per kWh stored" on the market. Overall, we believe the system offers the best value for money in the residential and business storage sector.

Design and Efficiency

The system uses highly efficient batteries combined with an internal Inventor

Beautiful design and weatherproof

Space is a consideration in residential properties, as indeed is aesthetic appearance. The design is modern and minimalist, designed to be seen, not hidden away out of sight. Plus, the waterproof case and integrated cooling and heating means that it can be installed outdoors.

SOLARFOS BATTERY solar compatibility

The SolarFos Battery is AC coupled and is therefore fully off Grid.

5-year Warranty

SolarFos Battery is one of the few battery systems we have seen on the market with cutting edge technology.

Got an Incredible Project Right Now?

SolarFos can give you lots of advantages, from which you will surely benefit.

Will This
Power All My Home Appliances?

At SolarFos we put customer concerns as our highest priority, therefore unlike other companies supplying solar batteries, ours can power not just the whole house but also the air conditioners. As this is a very important requirement for our customers, our batteries can supply enough electricity to give you peace of mind and a cool temperature through the day and night.

ALL-IN-ONE Battery System

The new SolarFos Battery AC has an inbuilt DC-AC inverter, simplifying installation and reducing install costs.

SolarFos Battery Benefits

In addition to comprising of state-of-the-art components and backed by a solid 5-year warranty, SolarFos Battery AC has several features crucial in a top-quality home battery system for hot conditions. • Solar self-consumption • Time of use load shifting • Fully off grid • Fan cooling system

Store Solar Power Efficiently

SolarFos 10.24kwh Battery AC has double the capacity of a – 5.2 kWh of usable energy storage capacity. It also has a much greater power output and a 3000W internal inverter. Our batteries come in three ranges – 5.12KWH Output Inverter 3000W, 10.24KWH Output Inverter 3000W and the 15.36KWH Output Inverter S000W (2500W * 2pcs). The battery has an 89% round-trip efficiency and depending on your needs, three to ten batteries may be installed together for homes or offices with greater energy needs. A wall or floor mounted system enables SolarFos Battery units to be “stacked” using a frame.

Safe And Maintenance-free

Older generations of deep-cycle (home) batteries can be dangerous in the hands of inexperienced users; bulky, expensive to install and difficult to maintain. In contrast, SolarFos lithium-ion batteries use proven automotive battery technology to power your home safely and economically – and requires no maintenance! The system is “touch-safe”, with no live wires or bulky vents.

SolarFos Business Principles

SolarFos conducts its business in an honest manner with fairness and integrity. SolarFos commitment is to

  • Customers – To win and retain customers by providing quality and value for
    money with minimal environmental impact.
  • Business Partners – Seek and develop mutually beneficial relationships whilst promoting these business principles.
  • Shareholders – To protect our shareholders’ investment, and provide an acceptable rate of return.
  • Society – Conduct business in a responsible way. Respect human rights and the environment whilst promoting sustainable development.
How It Will Work

Solarfos has introduced a new battery system that can draw power from solar panels to feed electricity and power your house and all the appliances during the day and night. The battery can be mounted to an indoor or outdoor wall. It holds up to 10 kilowatt- hours of energy, about one third of that the average African Household uses per day. How much electricity does your house hold use? These can be broken down into various examples of appliances and watt usage below:

  • Flat screen TV – 0.1 kWh
  • Refrigerator – 0.2kWh
  • Lights per room – 0.1kWh
  • Laptop – 0.05kWh
  • Clothes Dryer – 2.3kWh each use