Tesla Battery

Tesla Battery

Tesla has introduced a new battery system that can draw power from solar panels to feed electricity and power your house and all the appliances during the day and night. The battery is the size of a suitcase and can be mounted to an indoor or outdoor wall. It holds up to 10 kilowatt- hours of energy, about one third of that the average UK household uses per day.

How much electricity does your house hold use? These can be broken down into various examples of appliances and watt usage below:

  • Flat screen TV – 0.1 kWh
  • Refrigerator – 0.2kWh
  • Lights per room – 0.1kWh
  • Laptop – 0.05kWh
  • Clothes Dryer – 2.3kWh each use
  • Clothes Dryer – 3.3kWh each use

Available in 7KW and 10KW

Price does not include installation or inverter

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Benefits of a Tesla power pack

The range of prices for the Tesla home battery consist of back up applications 10 KW $5,500 or daily cycle applications 7KW $4000 – Not including installation or inverter, however to broaden the range of power which can be supplied. Tesla Gigawatt power pack can power a small city with enough electricity for every house hold and business which generates 100kWh and will sell for £40,000, while 160million Tesla power packs could power the whole of Nigeria. Our vision is to push this project with a potential to roll out and provide electricity for the whole of Africa, saving governments considerable costs by harnessing the power of the sun combined with the latest solar technology.

The power pack is a cabinet and rack system which can be expanded by filling the racks with additional 100kWh capacity units up to 500Kwh, while multiple units can be connected to increase the capacity for ten megawatts hour.

Weight: 1.5KG

Dimension: 90 x 60 x 90 cm

Power: 7KW, 10KW

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